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May 10, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day, 2013

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I think there’s a quote out there somewhere like this but I’ve often thought this myself.   I wonder if mothers sometimes think to themselves, “I had all these plans for my kids.  I bore them and raised them and sacrificed for them so they could grow up to be this and that and to make all these fabulous dreams come true…and then they go mess everything up by living their own lives.”  Ha.

We are often both our mother’s worst fear and greatest hope at the same time.  We hate to fail, to hurt, to stumble… because our mothers are so close to us and in us that we cause them our pain.

No easy gig, being a mom.  It’s hard to tame the Spring breeze, to quiet the magic of the morning sun rising…It’s hard to take the broadest night sky full of the countless stars and planets….and get it to sit still for one blasted minute while you get its arms through the arm holes and get its hair combed.

To every true mother, their child is every ounce of who they are topped with every grand imagination of who they once might have been.  Their kids are living, breathing legacies which echo back with soft comfort for the million and one dinners of scraps on abandoned plates, the sore backs from unforgiving bleachers, the socks on the floor and the homework reminders.  

Their kids are miracles with dirty ankles.  Validation of every sacrifice they never fussed to count. 

Being a mother is a tough job.  There are no raises.  No promotions except maybe to “Grand” mother one day.  The “Grand” mother promotion seems to get you the same love and enjoyment with fewer frustrations and heartbreaks. 

But being a Mother is a job.   A tough one.  Though some enter lightly, no good ones ever emerge without some battle scars along the way.   Too often kids don’t mature quickly enough.  They don’t realize right away.  They don’t stop long enough to even consider.

My hope for you this Mother’s Day is that you will enjoy your child’s awakening-whether they are young enough still to watch them so sweetly sleep or they are old enough for it to dawn on them just what a fabulous woman you are….

May you be gifted with a child’s awakening, after you sleep in for once.  😉 

Have a great weekend, Moms.




  1. That was beautiful Kara. Thank you so much for that. You touched my heart and made me feel appreciated. Love you my friend! ❤

    Comment by Cathy (Ciagala) Gothro — May 10, 2013 @ 8:23 am | Reply

  2. Have a wonderful weekend Kara. You are a blessing! HUGS!!!

    Comment by Barb — May 10, 2013 @ 8:36 am | Reply

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