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May 18, 2018

Getting Up For The Royal Wedding

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I saw some people post on FB that they couldn’t understand why anyone cares about the royal wedding.  They thought it ridiculous that anyone in the U.S. here would set their alarms for the 4:30 am coverage on a perfectly good Saturday morning.

I don’t mind being ridiculous.  :))

I’m getting up tomorrow morning for the royal wedding because, in part, time just keeps flying.  With a brain injury, most of us try so hard to create routines to help us stay efficient.  I know I do.

But, unfortunately, routines often keep us from enjoying any fun.  We structure our days with such rigid borders that our years continue to fly by without anything to show for them or any way to slow them down.

I believe that we slow down years when we are able to mark them as different, somehow.  When we add in a bunch of fun days and dates and adventures that keep each year from looking so much like the one before.

I’m 53 now and I cannot tell you where 47 went or what happened when I was 51.  Too many years seem like the same thing without much to mark them as unique.  As I get older, I’m recognizing an urgency to place my mark on these years so that I can recall them, differentiate them and look back to enjoy them.

I was a teen when Prince Charles married Princess Diana.  We were on vacation and my Mom and I got up early for the coverage while my dad and brothers slept.  Together we enjoyed a mother/daughter special moment that still warms me, especially now that she has been gone for 20 years.

These injuries of ours are so isolating.  It is both our burden and our opportunity to fight the loneliness and to balance the need for structure with the need for spontaneity.  The need to remind ourselves that we are still living.  That we are in the game!

Tomorrow morning won’t be a trip to the Bahamas or anything extravagant.    I won’t post pics of my morning on FB.  Trust me, nobody wants to see me in my pajamas.

But I’ll make some eggs and toast and hash browns and fresh coffee.  I’ll enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the royal wedding and get filled and thrilled with the wonderful, romantic feeling of the people there.  I will celebrate with them.

There are so many bad things on the news these days that we can get sodden with dismal.  I embrace, then, the kind of celebration that the royal wedding affords.  People cheering and dancing in the streets of Windsor.  All the extraordinary stories and history and, of course, the gorgeous women’s hats.  🙂

We all need to chase the good, wherever we can find it.

Just a reminder that we are alive, you guys.  🙂  We have to keep finding fun and making fun and enjoying ourselves, however that looks.  Why else would we have survived then?  Why bother having gone through so much if there isn’t good and light and fun and new for all of us?

We deserve it.

Wishing you all a little bit of ridiculous.  :))))  Love you.


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