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March 6, 2019

Let Me Share a Secret….

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If any of you play computer games on Facebook or from some other gaming app, you know how addictive they can be.  I’ve been playing two specific games for years now and I’m almost embarrassed by how high my levels are.  LOL.

The one game is particularly enticing.  It invites me in with its bright colors and fun characters.  When I pass a level, it sings to me and sends me gifts and colors dance and rockets shoot off.   It’s fun.  It makes me feel good.

Sometimes I come across a real hard level.  A bugger.  I’ll try and try and it seems like, for the first couple dozen tries, I run out of lives or moves and I am not even halfway to the goal.  It is frustrating and I’ll roll my eyes and throw up my hands.  Sometimes I will “punish” the game by taking a few days off from it.  I’ll try to make it jealous by enjoying the bings and sings and flings and things from another game.

And then I return.

Little by little, I get better at those bugger levels.  Each new morning I am given  game tools to use for that level.  After a few days off, I return to many tools and, often then, I am able to whoop that level and move on.

Some of the levels are easy breezy.  I fly through four or five of them before I bump up against a new bugger level and I’m back to the frustration of it.

There have been times I have enlisted the help of my friend, Linda, because she and I are wired so differently.   She is a musician and a tech guru.  I am not blessed with prowess in either of those fields.  Sometimes, on a level that I have struggled with for a month, she can just click click click and it’s done.


Sometimes, yes, there are swear words.

Through the several years now I’ve played it, the message repeats and is always the same.  Some levels will be easy.  Some levels will stop me for days, weeks and longer.  Some levels will need a differently-wired brain to go at it from a different viewpoint.  Some levels will require that I wait and seek out additional tools to help me meet that particular challenge.

And always, always, the feeling of progress and achievement and fun make me feel terrific and I return again.

Oh….and that secret I was going to share from the title of this blog entry?

The secret is:  That’s how successful recovery works after brain injury.  We keep at it.  We return again.  We take some time off when we need a break.  We return.  We enlist the tools available to meet the demands of harder levels.  We get help from people who think differently than us.  We celebrate our victories.  We enjoy the colors and the sounds and the gifts.

And we go at it again.

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