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December 24, 2013

Maybe He’ll Stop Beating Me…..

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Maybe he’ll stop beating me

Maybe she’ll decide to quit drinking

Maybe he’ll give up gambling

Maybe she’ll finally get up and start looking for a job

Maybe he’ll break up with his mistress

Maybe she’ll stop reminding me of that one thing I did

Maybe he’ll stop telling me he’s working late when I already know where he’s going

Maybe she’ll forgive me

Maybe he’ll grow up

Maybe she’ll find her way

Maybe he’ll call

Maybe she’ll realize she made a mistake and come back

Maybe he’ll finally go to a doctor

Maybe she’ll stop bitching at me for everything

Maybe he’ll start paying attention

Maybe she’ll forgive me

Maybe he’ll quit driving so dangerously with the kids in the car

Maybe she’ll be a better mother

Maybe he’ll be a better dad

Maybe she’ll stop embarrassing me in front of my friends

Maybe he’ll stop belittling me in front of my family

Maybe that spot on my arm will go away

Maybe that tingling in my arm will stop

Maybe my brain injury will heal


But, in the meantime, this is Christmas.  This is New Years.  And this is your life.

What does your life look like for you?  At the end of another year?  Another one in the books.

We all wait for something.  We all put off and think, if only this would happen or that wouldn’t have happened….

The truth is:  Things happen and, if it wasn’t Christmas, I’d say shit happens…Ha.

We can’t keep waiting for other people to make our lives happy.  We have to move on.  Move towards happy, with or without them.

Everyone deserves to feel hopeful about something.  A second chance, a better future, a new love, possible redemption or forgiveness….

Whatever it is you wish for this holiday season…this New Year…I hope you’ll go out and get it.   Gather up your courage and your determination and your sense of humor and your chocolate and go get that happy life.  Make it.  Demand it.  Seize it.  Grab it.  Create it. 

And then enjoy the heck out of it.

We should never have believed that we’d skip through our lives without divorces and broken hearts, lost loved ones and disappointments and natural disasters and terrible diagnosis and yes, brain injuries….

But, sure as we are here right now, sharing this moment during the most magical time of the year, dare to believe that you can overcome everything.  That you can press on and move up and toward every goal you set, every dream you imagine.  That you can beat odds you never would have believed. 

I’m cheering for all of you.  You know that…

Let’s not limp into this New Year.  Let’s go racing over that line that separates what hasn’t happened just yet with what’s coming soon.  Take a snapshot of how you want your life to look and then crop out all the toxic people and things that make that snapshot impossible.

This is your time.  Your year.  It’s not too late…not too late for any of us.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year filled with good health and true true happiness.


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